Community Sustainability (Legacy) Plan

The Community Sustainability/Revitalization Plan focuses on transforming the Town into a sustainable community. This Plan identifies development opportunities and direct development and redevelopment efforts in a manner that is consistent with the Maryland Department of Planning’s Principles of Smart Growth, as well as, the County’s vision for the Sub-region 4 Master Plan while preserving existing neighborhoods and highlighting the will of the citizens and the elected officials of the Town.

The Mayor and Council have recognized the need to prioritize planning efforts in the Town of Capitol Heights. The Town has seen limited growth in recent years, and many of the Town’s assets are not being utilized to their fullest capacity. This plan will provide a clear and concise guide for revitalization of the Town.

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Part – 2
Part – 3
Part – 4

Other Town Documents

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Town Charter

Town Code

Code of Ordinance

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Ordinance 2012-002 (IMPC Code) - Code Enforcement

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Capitol Heights Community Profile - Maryland National Park and Planning (2012)

Financial Documents


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Fiscal Year 2011 Audit

Fiscal Year 2012 Audit

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Final Budget Documents

Fiscal Year Budget 2011-2012 : Adopted June 30, 2011

Fiscal Year 2012 - 2013: Adopted June 4, 2012

Fiscal Year 2013-2014: Adopted June 17, 2013

Fiscal Year 2014-2015: Adopted June 23, 2014

Fiscal Year 2015-2016: Adopted June 23, 2015